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Candy Love

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

You can reach me on Outlands or Spartan in Furcadia if you need me!

Hey there!
I'm a Creative Writing & Drama student in university, hoping to publish a tabletop RPG in the near future :)

I have a wonderful boyfriend.

I enjoy gaming, albeit a little excessively. The vast majority being RPGs such as Fable 2, Dragon Age: Origins, World Of Warcraft, etc :)

I'm not a furry, but I have a keen interest in anthropomorphism. I also struggle to draw humans without having to add some context of fantastical feature.

I'm not a solid artist, and I never be one, especially not in realism! - Drawing to me is simply a past-time and often my uploads will be erratic and few and far between. You will also notice I vary from things such as crudely drawn chibi's to full body pictures I have worked hours one.

Credit is always given where credit is due when I may upload a piece somebody has done for me, or if I've used a reference, base or maker. However everything you see is all either my own work or specifically made for me.

I am well into the Furcadia community, you will notice a lot of my art stems from that, and I have discovered some of the most amazing artists within Furc that are nothing short of inspirational.

I am a friendly person and do not feel pressured to approach me :)


Big rant. Lots of swearing. Discretion.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 8:12 AM

Cracking up!

I am absolutely losing my shit, I feel like curling up into a ball and hiding.

Right, those who read this:…
Will know I went through some shit lately which resulted in the loss of my friends.

Well, apparently, there's much more to it than what I initially thought. I've heard so many rumours and lies that have been mixed up in a shitstorm of a situation, and I don't know what the fuck is actually going on anymore.

I'm so fucking confused, and I have no idea what started these lies or even why they're circulating, or who the fuck is even doing it!

This was a situation between myself and two others that I thought had been put to rest until a later date, before both blocked me two weeks later.

I was not expected that, and frankly, it hurt like hell. But now, I have people coming to me telling me what they've heard, about what I've actually done which is nothing but bullshit lies when they, 1. Obviously heard nothing but lies, 2. Have probably never fucking met me and 3. Obviously have never taken the time to even speak to me about it! ... Who the fuck has been saying shit like this?!

I give up, I seriously give up with all this. No wonder my fucking best friend hates me if people are saying fucking smack like how I've been physical with 'B' and the things I've so fucking clearly been saying to EVERYONE, when I have not said a word about it because I felt so bad, and blamed myself, for fucking all of it. I'd feel so good about spreading lies, right?! I would never!

If I never see my best friend again, I hope that they know I never meant for any of this, and people say and do stupid things before they reach a learning curve that comes back on them. Both of us messed up, and I paid the price for it. I do not deserve now to be singled out and made a villain by all this bullshit, when it was nothing more than just what I said at a bad time that caused a bad mess-up. I have never once slandered my friends to anybody, I have wanted to do nothing but care but obviously some assholes just want to get in the fucking way of fixing everything. I don't even know these fucking people.

Whoever you are coming up with these lies, you're an absolute fucking prick. And I hope you fester in all the shit and pain you've caused me one day, because I swear to god that when this hits you in the face, I hope it fucking breaks it.

  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Playing: Furcadia & WoW


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